Kevin will help provide numerous additional services throughout your real estate transaction to help save you considerable time and effort. Some include:

Free Staging Consultations

Helps ensure your home makes a powerful first impression from the moment people walk in the door.

Effective Advertising

The best way to sell your home and achieve top price is to ensure the right people know about it. Kevin feels that listings deserve as much exposure as possible and therefore tailors a marketing strategy to help find the ideal buyers for your property.

  • Professional Photography to highlight features of the home and to attract buyers.
  • A Custom designed print advertising initiative as well as en-suite marketing materials are created to leave a lasting impression after buyers leave your home.
  • The internet is where people today spend more time than ever before. Kevin utilizes an effective online advertising initiative across a multitude of high-traffic websites to increase awareness and maximize visibility.
  • A personalized web domain (ie. is created to showcase your property online with high resolution photos.
  • Virtual Tours can be created to allow additional features of the home to be captured and portrayed to interested parties online.

Current Market Information

Kevin provides all clients with up-to-date information about market trends and comparative neighbourhood pricing.

Mortgage Brokers

He will provide recommendations to top mortgage specialists who can assist with information on interest rates and financial strategies specific to your situation.

Legal Counsel

Kevin has lawyers readily available to answer any questions and help with all legal matters related to your transaction.

Relocation Services

If you need assistance or any information related to a corporate or individual relocation, Kevin can help make the process a seamless transition through many of his global partnerships.

Specialized Services

  • Commercial and industrial sales and leasing
  • Real estate appraisal services
  • Property management services

Maintain a Detailed Property Information File

  • Working with a Realtor (Agency Relationship Brochure)
  • MLS Listing Agreement (Authority)
  • MLS Data Information Form (MLS Information)
  • Property Checklist
  • Property Information Form
  • Copy of the Deed (if available)
  • Copy of the Survey (if available)
  • Copy of the Charge (Mortgage Documents) (if available)
  • Copy of the Mortgage Verification Response Form
  • Certified and Uncertified Accessory Apartment Seller’s Disclosure (if applicable)
  • Copy of All Condominium Documents (if applicable)

Property Marketing

  • Toronto Real Estate Board Multiple Listing Services (MLS)
  • Within 48 hours of execution, your listing data will be ‘Broker Loaded” onto the TREB MLS System therefore available to every Registrant
  • Immediate contact with Buyer/Client database
  • Immediate contact with neighbouring homeowners for the purposes of sourcing out potential buyers from family, friends and acquaintances

Receive a Complete Documentation Package

  • Working With a realtor
  • A packet of legal forms for your familiarization:
  • Agreement of Purchase and Sale – Schedule(s) – Amendment to Agreement – Waiver(s)
  • Tenancy Termination Forms (if applicable) – Mutual Release


Professional Services:

Real Estate Lawyers, Home/Building Inspectors, Mortgage Brokers/Representatives, Financial Advisors, Property Management Services, Insurance Agents, Architects, Civil Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Surveyor, Urban Planners

Trades Personnel:
Cabinet Maker (Millworker), Carpenter, Carpet Installation, Custom Window Coverings, Repair and Cleaning, Electrician, Heating and Air Conditioning, Painting Services, Plumbers, Roofers, Tile and Marble Installation, Flooring

General Maintenance:

Handyman, Refuse Disposal, Gardening and Lawn Maintenance, Movers

Competency and Professionalism

  • Experience in counselling, assisting and guiding Buyers and Sellers through the offer and sales process
  • Problem solving skills relating to the subtleties of the profession
  • Negotiation skills empowering the best possible price and least amount of inconvenience
  • Skills pertaining to industry nuances
  • Computer/technical skills relating to various real estate applications
  • Letters of endorsement and recommendation (available upon request)
  • Names and contact numbers from satisfied clients and customers (available upon request)


  • Accessible by cell phone and/or through office paging system
  • Meetings at mutually agreed upon times

Post Sale Participation

  • Email/Facsimile transmission of documentation to your lawyer and mortgage broker
  • Agreement of Purchase and Sale, Schedule(s), Amendment to Agreement, Waiver(s), etc…
  • Ongoing Communication with other parties associated to the sale
  • With co-operating Realtor in matters such as property inspection conditions, purchaser revisits, and others
  • Keeping you abreast of the progress
  • Provide moving checklist (things to do) – refer moving company

Prepare a Competitive Property Market Analysis

  • List of properties in competition with your home
  • List of properties that recently sold that compare to your home
  • List of properties expired (did not sell) that compare to your home

Minimum Listing Period

  • 90 Days